Zahur Klemath Zapata


                                                                                          Born 1943                                                                                                  



                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Poet and philosopher



"To reason is to shed premonition of intuitive reasoning and reasoning in future state without taking away the present. Every action being executed is directed towards a future action that

        is with her in this state because time only exists in relation to the imagination."



Was born 11, October 1943 in a family with very good financial resources. From an early age he began to read the Greek philosophers with whom he began his questioning of why does the things? Read their literature and it is through the relationship of men in thinking about the word of God. Word that is mutated during the times and going allowing humans to develop a belief that protect them and give them the power to answer the questions of the curious and in turn do not feel helpless and a hope to maintain its own existence. With the discovery in his teens of why the creation of a God and what it means to believe in that image born of the imagination of men, moving in new searches beyond empirical knowledge and begins to orbit in the reasoning foreboding. In Nietzsche is the springboard to get rid of all traces that could tie the spiritual world and sees him as he was trapped in his own lucubrations being on the verge of becoming libertarian reasoning. With errors Kant reveals the reason for being linked to a metaphysical world and why he could not think beyond reasoning primate though I get to the bottom of reasoning. See turn that philosophy could not move because it has been subject to empirical reasoning and clinging more to the spiritual that real reason for the senses. Then go in and wander modern thinkers on concepts already established and navigate on the surface of reasoning. With Marx can establish the boundaries of human reason and the need that man has to establish rules of conduct to interact as social animal.

Under this state of consciousness divorced from any divine tutelage does undertake a search of an argument that according to this new course. Having no intellectual but spiritual dependence makes open doors that had not existed in the reasoning set and turn on a light in the universe of reason. During this new period begins to build an argument that what is driving to the premonitory reason, which is where all the actions that the intellect is directed. Includes turn because there is neither beginning nor an end, and therefore there is no time. Intellect is the energy that is within the energy and is aware that at the end of living and that everything exists. Within its reasoning sees the connections between the elements that inhabit the universe and its laws make it all work in harmony within the chaos. Could not have seen an explosion because there needed to having a principle which would imply the existence of time and a creator who set in motion the universe, which would lose any scientific foundation and become a religious speculation. The microcosm is a reflection of the macro cosmos and its laws differ only because of location. For this reason and to raise the non-existence of a God is expelled from La Salle College at the age of 12 years. Try to continue their studies in different institutions, but the May 10, 1957 fleeing the school where he studied for the mistreatment he received from one of his teachers. He takes refuge in one of the estates of his father to read and a first day of July of that year survives the first attack two hand criminal bandits who gave him three machetes in the head and arms and which manages to elude and hurt. When in the emergency room in critical condition and could reaffirm their thoughts to ask a priest to leave him alone after the religious harass him to make him confess and were accepted to the belief of one God and could die peace of the Lord.

He emigrated from his native country and settled in New York, United States and there completed his studies and enters college. In 1963 travels through South America and begins to present its proposal for AZU infinite man reading his poems and talking about his philosophy.

In 1965 he founded the magazine of poetry and poetic theory AZU "the infinite man." For 1968 passing through Colombia organized the First Congress of Young Writers and founded the Colombian Satanic Church with Hector Gutierrez Escobar Pereira, as a way to tease the pope visit to Colombia came from the Ecumenical Council that was held and thus demonstrate A church is born only from the imagination of men. Home continues to publish the magazine and publishing house founded AZU Press, which is bringing together writers of English and Spanish speaking and who publishes his works.

Since 1971 organizes various writing workshops and a program of poetry readings by poets Latino / American bilingual, in St. Mark's Church in the-Bowery.

In 1974 Ivan Marino Ospina old school mate of the time you visit and asks for help to post a flyer on a movement that wants to lead and which are going to call M19. Zahur he prepares all the materials and publishes three newsletters of the birth of the movement. Today, these newsletters lie in the archives of Museum of Pereira, Colombia.

In 1975 publishes the bimonthly magazine Choice Off  Broadway Theater circulating for several years.

On the death of his father in 1979, he returned to Colombia with the idea of ​​being established. Buy the newspaper El Impartial (Pereira founded in 1948) and a station and is dedicated to policy and proposals on changes and new democratic openings. For the first time someone talked about gay rights in Latin America and is presented as a councilor. He had previously published in Spanish in AZU magazine of gay rights in 1971. During the course of his life has met a large number of characters in the intellectual and political life, most of them have been killed or disappeared. During the years of stay suffered several attacks, leaving them unharmed.

In 1986 he began to outline the technology of digital books, which patented in 1993 and then concentrated in philosophical and technological world. The Digital Book is a computer program, which lets you edit, publish and read on the screen of a PC. Books published as if it were a traditional book. At the same time allows you to store, without the use of paper a library can be unlimited and consult any book store.  By the same time developed IDBMS an algorism number for digital books as a unique number to classify books and track. In 1999, he founded AZU Press Digital, LosLibrosDigitales, in 2000 Agency, In 2001 he founded the Spanish Speaking Institute. In 2003 he founded Zahurk where he developed technology in various  areas. By 2006 established Biblioteca Klemath, in 2009 founded El Diario de New York, 2011 develop Bookjuggling, a social network community in 2012 he funded United Network Radio an Online Radio Network:,, La, and ZoneInRadio


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